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  • Leader DemonicJ
  • Power 27,189
  • Members 4/10/30
  • EXP Gained Today 10,607
  • AVG Experience 102,301,024
Wealth541,480,329 Cr


Ikarris DemonicJ 150
Elkin EclipsE 132
Zargane Tinj 93
YTP Don_Carlos_Gambino 89
Ikarris Gale 150
Zargane BeastModeMac 96
Arzeva Hakug 66
Elkin NorthBit 23
YTP TesterZ 23
YTP Sweet_Sniper 14


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NameTotal MembersPower
Future Soldiers89,440

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  • Leader DemonicJ
  • Power 27,189
  • Members 4/10/30
  • Exp Gained Today 10,607
  • Avg Experience 102,301,024
  • Cash 541,480,329 Cr
  • Tax Level 0% (offline)
  • Website https://discord.gg/VJyC84cZjk
  • Email Address N/A